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Thomas Hecht

Hungarian books rediscovered

Comfortably settled in his home in Montreal, Thomas Hecht can point out numerous traces of his former family home in Bratislava (Slovakia). When the war broke out, he and his family left the city with the intention of escaping Europe, which they managed to do in 1941. Their apartment was entrusted to the children’s nanny, who saved everything it contained. After the war, Thomas’ father retrieved everything that he could take back with him to Montreal. The book pictured below was among the objects brought from the family's home in Bratislava.

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How did the books come to be here?
Our apartment in Bratislava (today Slovakia) was saved by my nanny, by my governess. She stayed there
during the entire war and she kept all these things. And after the war, my father went back and we
brought all the things over after the war.
What exactly did you bring over?
What did we bring over? Books and some souvenirs like the books.

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