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Fishel Goldig

Fishel and his parents

The following photograph of Fishel Goldig and his parents holds a very special meaning for him. It is the first family portrait taken after they arrived in Canada in 1948. Fishel was 14 years old at the time. All three of them had survived the Holocaust by hiding in a hole behind a potato cellar for 22 months. After the war, Fishel’s uncle sponsored the family’s immigration into Canada.

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After the war, we spent some time travelling, being in different countries, and finally we were brought
to Canada by my uncle who came to Canada many years before us. So he supported us and had to agree
to support us, and we were first in a … before coming, we were in a displaced persons camp, which was
something like a refugee camp, was a great, great place to be, although we lived in barracks but it was
nice. We had a very good school, which I attended. I started my career in singing at that time. And then
from there we came to Canada in 1948. When I say we came here, I mean myself and my parents, we
came here in July of 1948. And this is the picture when we first arrived here in Montreal, and I was 14
years old.

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